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Established in 1989, Dimensional Insight (DI) is a privately held company specializing in the development of multidimensional data visualization, analysis, and reporting software. Companies worldwide use this technology to identify new opportunities, improve their business operations and increase their profits.

Fortune 500 enterprises such as DuPont, Michelin, Cigna, GM, Pepsico, and Avis to SMEs are strongly attracted to the rapid implementation (often just a few weeks) and exceptionally low demand on IT staff for ongoing maintenance - such as modifying or creating reports.

DI’s product architecture is centered on the multidimensional Models based on patented cross-indexing technology which offers rapid, flexible data retrieval, and allows large number of users to access large volumes of information with ease. This unique approach allows for DI’s solution set to function without the need for a database layer, thus saving time and resources associated with deploying a data warehouse or additional databases often required by other reporting and analytics tools.

Areas where DI has been deployed:



  • Booking analysis
  • Shipping/revenue analysis
  • Backlog order fulfillment
  • Sales vs. plan
  • Sales this year vs. last
  • Production efficiency
  • Cost analysis


  • Sold/unsold
  • Distribution reach
  • Customer counts
  • Supplier reporting
  • Purchasing trend analysis
  • Margin management


  • Provider network management
  • Utilization review
  • Disease management
  • Outcomes measurement
  • DRG analysis
  • Patient trending


  • Expense analysis
  • General ledger analysis
  • Revenue analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Billing Backlogs
Sales and Marketing


  • Product profitability
  • Forecasting
  • Sales tracking/reporting


  • Sales this year vs. last year
  • Order fulfillment analysis
  • Inventory efficiencies
  • Depletion/sales comparison



Zap Business Intelligence Software

Zap Business Intelligence is a single, web-based solution to meet ALL your business intelligence needs – dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards, reports, ad-hoc analysis, alerts, report scheduling, and predictive analytics. Use Zap Business Intelligence software to gain insight across multiple business systems to drive your business and gain a competitive advantage. Highlights include:

  • A single, complete BI solution to meet ALL your needs
    Whether your management accountant is completing end of month financial reports, or your operations manager is modeling alternative price points, they use the same solution. You only maintain and train one application across the enterprise – which ensures a low total cost of ownership and maximum productivity.
  • Powerful analytics software that makes a difference to the bottom line
    Zap Business Intelligence gives you all the standard BI capabilities your users expect, including reports, ad-hoc analysis, scorecards, dashboards, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It also includes advanced capabilities that have a high impact on operational effectiveness and bottom line profitability – such as alerts and report scheduling, automated management reporting, and optional predictive analytics.
  • So user friendly it becomes the heartbeat of your organization
    Our aim is to make Zap Business Intelligence the heartbeat of your organization – the mission critical system used by your business leaders every day to manage more effectively. Unlike many alternatives, you don’t need teams of analysts, developers and BI experts to create analytics. The drag and drop web interface is fast and intuitive, and users never touch code or rely on developers to create analytics.
  • Proactive intelligence provides an early warning system
    It’s a fact – we’re all time pressured. Employees don’t have time to manually review data to see what’s happening and what’s changed. Zap Business Intelligence automates discovery and learning so that issues are highlighted the moment they occur. Alerts are pushed to the relevant employees – and combined with contextual reports that show the cause of performance changes.
  • Extreme flexibility to adapt the solution to your needs
    Adapting BI to suit your needs shouldn’t be difficult. Zap Business Intelligence gives you unprecedented flexibility to truly make the solution your own. Empowering users to create analytics that will make a difference to the bottom line is just the first step. You can also export analytics to share and standardize across regions and companies; create custom calculations and business templates to share with users; and customize the help when you add new capabilities.
  • Minimal technical resources required = low TCO and rapid ROI
    You’ll need minimal technical resources to deploy, train, and maintain Zap Business Intelligence, leading to a low total cost of ownership, and a rapid return on investment. The web interface for end users means you can deploy rapidly with no software installation, and usability removes the complexities, time and resources required to create custom analytics and ensure user adoption. The solution is built using 100% Microsoft technology, which minimizes any need for specialist technical resources.



As your organization continues to invest heavily in multiple applications to capture this business information, you may decide to deploy a variety of business intelligence (BI) tools to extract data from these applications. Standardization of these BI tools will allow you to take full advantage of the lower total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with one BI standard - a single BI platform that supports all users inside and outside your organization. It must drive all of your mission-critical business requirements, while delivering information in multiple web and non-web user interfaces. In addition, it must be flexible and have the ability to connect to your key data sources, as well as work with your major operating systems-regardless of format or location.

BusinessObjects™ Enterprise is the business intelligence platform that combines end-user insight with flexible systems management for a single BI standard that allows your administrators to confidently deploy and standardize their BI implementations. BusinessObjects™ Enterprise delivers:

  • Scalable and adaptive services-oriented architecture
  • Extreme end-user insight
  • An easy-to-deploy and manageable solution
Powerful Query and Online Analysis
  • Its open-object model means it can act as both a BI development platform and as an off-the-shelf BI tool for information analysts.
User-FriendlyInformation Access and Exploration
  • Lets users easily create reports and provides powerful offline analysis of data— freeing your IT resources to concentrate on other issues.
Powerful Offline Access
  • Gives your users instant insight into their data wherever they are.
Single Interface
  • Users are able to utilize a single tool to access information wherever it is stored, integrate it, and share the information with others via the Business Objects Enterprise platform.
Multiple Data Source Integration
  • Combine data from multiple data sources: relational databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, Excel spreadsheets, and XML for data comparison.
Efficient, Accurate Data Retrieval
  • Ensure that no matter how complex the database design, your users will get correct results every time.
Easy to Customize
  • Using VBA or other standard Windows programming languages, you can create customized BI applications and embed query and reporting functionality in enterprise applications.
Flexible Deployment Options
  • Offers the greatest choice of deployment options, including client/server (two-tier) and web-enabled full-client (three-tier with middleware stored and utilized on a central server) all in an environment that is easy to maintain and manage. This provides your IT staff with deployment choices that will ensure you maximize your network resources.
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