Precise i3 solution provides a complete view of application performance by capturing, measuring, and correlating performance metrics from all critical system components. When problems are detected, Precise i3 helps you pinpoint the cause, identify the most effective course of action, and quickly solve the problem to restore peak performance.

Captures, measures, and correlates performance metrics from each supporting tier of your PeopleSoft applications infrastructure (web server, application server, database, and storage).
  • Optimize end-user response time and improve overall Quality of Service by finding the definitive root cause of performance degradation in minutes.
Builds a clear picture of the entire PeopleSoft application from the end-user perspective.
  • Reduce the implementation time of your PeopleSoft upgrade projects.
Performance warehouse stores performance metrics for historical and long-term trending analysis, promoting intelligent and confident decision making.
  • Resolve problems faster using the expert advice of SmarTune and eliminate finger-pointing through a holistic view of application performance.

Application Performance Management:


Reference Users: Over 5,000 leading enterprises worldwide, including

  • Air France
  • BMW
  • CLSA
  • HK CSL
  • McGraw Hill
  • New York Life Investments
  • OnePort Ltd VTech
  • Boeing
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • MTR
  • NIKE
  • Royal & SunAlliance
  • AT&T Broadband
  • Canon
  • Ford
  • Lycos
  • Nestle
  • Tradelink Electronic
  • Toshiba



  • Implement Production Server Consolidation and Containment. Contain server sprawl by running software applications in virtual machines on fewer, highly scalable, reliable enterprise-class servers. Customers of VMware Infrastructure have been able to consolidate 10 or more virtual machines per physical processor, thereby drastically increasing server utilization and containing server sprawl.
  • Provide Advanced Business Continuity Protection at Lower Cost. Deliver high availability for critical applications with cost-effective virtualization-based solutions. With VMware Infrastructure, customers can implement a unified disaster recovery platform that allows many production virtual machines to be recovered in the event of hardware failure without investing in costly one-to-one mapping of production and DR hardware.
  • Streamline Software Test and Development. Consolidate disparate development, testing and staging environments involving multiple operating systems and multi-tier applications. Set up self-service developer portals to increase developer productivity.
  • Secure and Manage Enterprise Desktops. Secure enterprise desktops of geographically dispersed workforce by providing a standard corporate desktop image in a virtual machine. At the same time, provide standardized enterprise desktop environments hosted in virtual machines accessed through thin clients or PCs.
  • Simplify Infrastructure Provisioning. Reduce the time for provisioning new infrastructure to minutes with sophisticated automation capabilities. Virtual appliances combine simple deployment of software with the benefits of pre-configured devices. Centralize control and responsibility for hardware resources while giving business units and application owners complete control over how resources are utilized.
  • Re-host Legacy Applications. Migrate legacy operating systems and software applications to virtual machines running on new hardware for better reliability.
  • VMware Infrastructure virtualizes and aggregates industry standard servers and their attached network and storage into unified resource pools. Complete environments including operating systems and applications are encapsulated in virtual machines that are independent from the hardware. A set of virtualizationbased distributed infrastructure services for virtual machines bring breakthrough levels of flexibility, serviceability and efficiency to IT environments:
  • Central management and monitoring of virtual machines automate and simplify provisioning.
  • Distributed resource optimization dynamically and intelligently allocates the available resources among virtual machines, resulting in significantly higher hardware utilization and better alignment of IT resources with business priorities.

VMware VirtualCenter

VirtualCenter delivers centralized management, operational automation, resource optimization and high availability to IT environments. These capabilities equip IT environments with unprecedented levels of serviceability, efficiency and reliability. VirtualCenter exposes a rich set of programmatic Web service interfaces that enable integration with third party system management products as well as customized development.

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