Ygl iBay currently offers a range of managed procurement services, supplier management solutions, sourcing and distribution network and spend visibility management across various industries.

Our aim is to provide effective services and cutting edge business solutions for our clients to achieve the optimal supply chain results in the planned capital assets (CAPEX) and operating material (OPEX). With the opening of new market economies spurred by technology and globalization today, it is imperative to expand into new sales territories beyond local boundaries.


iAuction is a full electronic reverse auctioning suite.

Rapid deployable package.
  • Through the iAuction system, vendors can anticipate your next order requirements and deploy goods and services in a more efficient manner. The benefits you enjoy are better contract terms and product/service prices.


iAward is being used to award contract terms and prices for the goods and services they buy. This system will complete the procurement cycle and initiate the subsequent trading activities.


With iBid’s transparent online bidding system, you enjoy increased business opportunities and get the complete picture on market price, supplier management and purchase volume among other strategic factors that affect bottom-lines.

Online bidding portal.
  • Allows users to access up-to-the-minute bidding opportunities, submit multiple bids and monitor real-time bidding.
Computerized system.
  • Automates and rapidly accelerates bidding and tender processes. Optimizes and reduces costs by data improvement, category management and supplier negotiation.


Through iTender, you will be able to source for a vendor in a domestic, regional or international network of suppliers. iTender displays all open opportunities and submits your call for tender to a database of registered suppliers.

The iTender also allows you to devise a procurement strategy and manage the sourcing, category, spend and supplier aspects of the process.

Open online tender system.
  • Receive the best competitive price as vendors are allowed to see each other’s bids.
Procurement strategy creation.
  • The procurement process reduces time and costs required for the whole process from tender sourcing to procurement. Effectively, enhancing your company’s competitiveness.
Efficient procurement process.
  • With the tender information you gather from the system, you are able to devise a procurement strategy to effectively manage sourcing, category, spending and supplier processes.
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