3M RFID Tags

YGL HK, being the industry leader, has over 10 years of experiences in implementation of 3M RFID Tags.

A rewritable RFID tag that identifies and tracks materials via information stored on its memory chip. Used in conjunction with 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips to protect library items. A component of the 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ System with RFID.

Realize the benefits of 3M Digital Materials Flow Management with this little tag!

  • A 256-bit memory chip stores all the information you need to track the item.
  • Tags are "rewriteable," so you don't have to buy new ones every time you change the information about the item.
  • No "line of sight" is needed to read from - or write to - the tag, which greatly improves processing speed.
  • Multiple tags -- and therefore multiple items -- can be processed simultaneously.
  • Each tag is guaranteed for the life of the item it identifies.

Maximise efficiency and improve customer service

Rewritable tags from 3M help libraries increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining security. Each tag contains a powerful memory chip that can be programmed and reprogrammed with the information needed to identify and track library materials. Security status is stored directly on the tag, so there's no need for a separate server. In addition to being guaranteed for the life of the original item they're affixed to, tags only carry the item ID, thus protecting customer privacy. And because RFID technology eliminates the need for "line of sight," checkout and return are simplified for both customers and staff. Tags also automate sorting, handling inventory management.


Transportation Performance Management Solution

An UPS Logistics Technologies (UPS LT) reseller, provides transportation and logistics solutions that directly impact a company's bottom line. Focused on UPS LT solutions to improve the operational efficiency of distribution companies. This concentrated focus has resulted in the development of industry leading software solutions that enable highly efficient order to-delivery processes. UPS LT solutions include street-level route optimization, territory planning, mobile delivery execution, real-time wireless dispatch and GPS tracking.

UPS LT is a fully integrated software solution and 100% unique in that it provides seamless transfer of information between strategic planning, daily routing and real-time wireless dispatch. Additionally, UPS LT solutions save time and increase accuracy of service and delivery.

UPS Logistics Technologies' products are in use with more than 2,000 installations worldwide and are used to manage more than 80,000 vehicles daily. For over 20 years, these solutions have helped elevate the customer experience while lowering transportation costs.

Roadnet Transportation Suite
  • This suite includes a set of strategic and tactical transportation optimization tools, sharing a common platform and user interface. The Roadnet Transportation Suite is used to optimize and balance delivery profitability and customer service through territory and route efficiencies.
Territory Planner
  • Territory Planner is a strategic planning tool that analyzes historical transportation information to create and balance both territories and routes.
  • Roadnet is a tactical daily routing tool that produces efficient least-cost routes while balancing customer service.
Roadnet Info Center
  • Enables companies to use Roadnet remotely, sharing a central database. Exposes route plans and/or real-time execution data to the entire organization using an Intranet hosted set of web tools.
  • Provides real-time route visibility and execution. It enables management by exception, as well as proof of delivery, up to the minute ETA's and delivery tracking.
  • Fleetloader is a tactical loading tool for the beverage industry.

Some of UPSLT Global Customers

  • Albertsons.com
  • Costco Wholesale
  • Haagen-Dazs
  • Nestle
  • SYSCO Corporation
  • Coca-Cola Mexico
  • Dr Pepper/7-Up
  • Lance, Inc.
  • Pepsi-Cola Company
  • US Foodservice
  • Coca-Cola Thailand
  • Frito-Lay Corporation
  • Land O' Lakes
  • Procter & Gamble
  • xpedx
  • Corporate Express
  • George Weston
  • Miller Brewing
  • Southern Wine & Spirits
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