Eidos empowers libraries and information centers with its easy-to-use system to procure, preserve and manage digitized and electronic collections. It is built in compliant with the library industry widely recognized Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model.

The laborious and painstaking process of transforming the library physical repository to digital repository is made easy by the feature and function-rich Eidos. Its built-in suite of components make the entire procurement process effortless and seamless, to include all materials ranging from hard copies to audios, videos and films.

Both library staff and patrons can easily navigate through the iconic-driven function tools in all of the modules to locate any required information quickly online. ‘Browsing the library’ is made most fun and educational for patrons with remote access.

Features & Functions
  • High-accuracy search, finely tuned for research and technical articles, ranks results by categories, relevance and importance. Search engine exploits the particular structure of technical research articles, using title, abstract, keywords, full text, and references to achieve a high percentage reduction in irrelevant results.
  • Dynamically organizes content into familiar domain-specific topics and subtopics, providing a gateway to the domain for novice users, and a familiar conceptual organization for experienced researchers.
  • Comprehensive Hyper Linking between articles, authors, subjects, patents, and other entities./td>
  • Personalization feature allowing users to save and track topics and authors of interest, with notification of relevant new content.
  • Easy-to-configure system to control access dynamic profile to content, allowing different levels of access for different users and patrons.
  • Workflow Integration automatically updates the digital library as new content is published.
  • Dynamic Storage conforming to international best practice structure (METS, Dublin Core, MARC with user definable fields) ensures future needs are incorporated.
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