Ygl is a listed corporation on the Malaysian Stock Exchange with its headquarter in Penang, Malaysia. Ygl is a leading Business Solution Provider specialized in certain niche vertical industries in Asia Pacific, with products and services backed by strong domain expertise.

Ygl operates from more than 10 regional offices spreading across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and China, with more than 150 professionals comprising advisors, trainers, consultants, analysts and programmers.

Ygl combines its domain expertise and leading edge technology to enable companies across industry verticals to achieve business efficiencies. Ygl's competitive advantage is its domain expertise, product innovation, global reach, and long track record of successes.

Ygl was granted MSC status in Malaysia in 2004 and has won numerous awards in Asia Pacific region. Ygl's deep industry specialization covers Manufacturing, Hospitality, Library, Property Management, Healthcare, Human Resource, International Procurement, Wholesale & Distribution, Taxation, Application Performance & Security and Data Warehousing.

aboutygl2Independently recognized as a global leader in domain-centered solutions, Ygl provides an array of innovative products and services allowing customers, business partners and suppliers to collaborate online, reduce costs and decrease time-to-market. These high performance supply chains enable the businesses to take in the synergies arising out of Real Time Enterprise collaboration while providing timely inputs to customers to help them seize new business opportunities.

Whether your organization is spread across Asia Pacific, large, medium or small, as Ygl client, you are assured of impeccable professional service, consistent best-of-breed solution delivery, and domain-centered solutions with exceptional value.


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电子企业, 优化人才


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